Telling. Stories.

We communicate your company's distinct story to the audiences that matter.

What We Do

Less BS. More results. 

When was the last time you were happy with your PR agency? 

We work differently. We come ready to listen.


We'll develop a tailored PR plan that actually aligns with your goals. We'll create a strategy that drives the business and marketing metrics that matter most to you. We'll work with you to truly understand your company's unique needs and story.


Then we will go out and execute. And we'll over deliver.

Tired of your agency "circling back" and giving you the run around?



Media Relations

  • Strategic Relationship Building

  • Executive Coaching and Training

  • Placing Key News Announcements


  • Contributed Articles & Blog Posts

  • Copywriting for Websites 

  • Developing Messaging / Marketing Materials


  • Startup Positioning

  • Developing Company Stories

  • Fitting Your Story into News Trends

Crisis Communications

  • Proactive Plans and Counsel

  • Risk Mitigation 

  • Re-Branding and Re-Positioning


Who We Are

Chap Public Relations,  a boutique PR firm, was born in Chicago with deep Silicon Valley roots.

We take a new approach to tech PR.


We believe:

  • the PR industry is stuck pushing paper rather than getting results, while technology is optimizing many industries

  • with more companies speaking to a shrinking number of journalists, telling your story is more crucial than ever

  • we can get you the media coverage your business deserves


Our Clients

"Imagine a world where your agency doesn't solely exist to collect their monthly retainer, while providing minimal value. Chap delivers tangible strategic results that actually drive your business forward."

Joe Hyland

CMO, Greensill Capital

"With Chap, we have expertise guiding our communications and thought leadership strategy, as well as effective execution on press releases media coverage, and website copy. That rare combination drives results and aligns our PR with our higher-level business goals.

"Chap delivers genuine results for startups and tech companies looking to take their messaging and media coverage to the next level."

Larry Kaplan

VC, OCA Ventures

Tessa Barron

VP of Marketing, ON24



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